Corporate Caterers in Delhi NCR

We believe that the food to be eaten should make one's soul happy.  This thought makes us strive to provide our customers with healthy and tasty food. To be the best catering service provider of corporate lunch, we work with the commitment to prepare your dabba meal with the fresh handpicked ingredients.

Our catering service to the corporate houses is available at affordable price in disposable boxes. Apart from our regular dabba service, we also offer buffet lunch system as per the requirement of the company/firm. 

Office Catering Menu:

- 1 Dry Vegetable (Rotation Of Seasonal Vegetables)
- 1 Pulses Curry (Rotation Of- Dal, Chole, Kadee, Rajma, Sambhar etc.)
- 1 Plate Boiled Rice
- Fresh Salad (Includes- Carrots, Radish, Cucumber, Sprouts, Lettuce, Beetroot, Chili, Lemon)
- 4 Chapatis
- 1 Sweet Dish
(Rs 100 per Plate - Free Delivery - Bulk Order Only)


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